Torako's Opinions
Hi! I hope you don't mind questions. If you do, feel free to ignore this. Someone recently brought up transableism and I didn't know what it was, so I searched the Tumblr tag and then went to transabled(.)org. After poking around for a while, I still have a few question. When people say they are "transabled" are they basically saying that they have this mental illness called BIID? Or is it more of "this is my identity" like being transgender? Is it something people seek treatment for?

BIID is thought to be a neurological condition, and yes that’s what “transabled” means. BIID (body integrity identity disorder) is actually named after GID (gender identity disorder), which is the equivalent disorder transpeople have (according to psychologists, anyway). A lot of people don’t like the term GID though, so I don’t think it’s really used much anymore. Whether a transabled individual thinks of it as a mental disorder or an identity really depends on the person, but the mental disorder and the term “transabled” refer to the same phenomenon.